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The MBA program at CGIM is a full time program. MBA Program’s focus is on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through curricular and co-curricular activities.  MBA program specifically aims to:

  • Prepare professional managers for  business and non-business sectors
  • Develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluating risks and taking challenges in the Global business environment.
  • Inculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students so that they become pragmatic, result oriented, and socially responsive management professionals.


The program has been designed to be of 66 credit hours overall with components that involve course work, seminars, practicum, experiential learning, and graduate research project. The total duration of the program is Two (2) years. The program is spread over Four Semesters. The maximum duration for the completion of the requirements for the MBA program is three years from the date of registration

The course components comprise of Courses on business foundations, core areas, capstone, and concentration area courses. Students also develop their knowledge and skill through research, seminars, practicum, and experiential learning.

Semester 1
S.No. Subject Name Code Clasification Credit Hour
1 Management MBH1113 Core 3
2 Managerial Accounting MBF1213 Core 4
3 Marketing Management MBS1123 Core 3
4 Quantitative Methods for Business MBF1413 Core 3
5 Legal Environment for business in Nepal MBH1513 Core 3

English communication and public speaking skills

Total Credits Semester 1 16
Semester 2
S.No. Subject Name Code Clasification Credit Hour
1 Financial Management MBH1223 Core 3
2 Human Resource Management MBH1613 Core 3
3 Managerial Economics MBF1913 Core 3
4 Research Methodology MBG2423 Major 4
5 Managing Operations and Technology MBG2444 Major 4
6 Business Environment in Nepal   Major 3

Personality Development Course

Total Credits Semester 2 20
Semester 3
S.No. Subject Name Code Clasification Credit Hour
1 Strategic Management MBH2133 Major 3
2 Leading Organizational Change MBF1683 Major 3
3 Operational Management MBG2113 Major 3
4 Entrepreneurship Development   Major 3
5 Directed Elective 1   Elective 3
6 Directed Elective 1   Elective 3

Elective 1: Financial Institutions and Markets

Elective 2: Investment Analysis

Total Credits Semester 3 18
Semester 4
S.No. Subject Name Code Clasification Credit Hour
1 Internship MBH2447 Major 6
2 Organizational Behavior   Major 3
3 Dissertation MBF2446 Core 6
Total Credits Semester 4 12
Total Credits to Graduate 66



Directed Elective is related to a particular area of studies or specialization. Faculty to recommend these modules.