The MBA/BBA program is an intensive professional program. This program demands a very high level of commitment from students. Students are required to attend regularly all classes, seminars, practicum, and presentations as required by the course. Students failing to attend 80% of classes shall not be allowed to appear in the semester-end examinations.

The performance of students will be evaluated through ongoing in-semester evaluations and semester-end examinations. The in-semester (internal) evaluation shall generally have a total weight of 60 percent in course work related subjects and 100 percent in the case of seminars and practicum related subjects. The concerned faculty shall be responsible for the continuous in-semester evaluations. The in-semester evaluation shall be based on a student’s performance in class presentations, case analysis, individual and group assignments, class tests and others as required by the course.

The semester evaluations will be based on the following components:

i. 60% Evaluation from Internal Assessment, which includes:

a Quiz + Debate 10%
b. Mid-Semester Class Test (Faculty) 10%
c. Attendance 10%
d. Industrial Visit 10%
e. Case study 10%
f. Article Analysis and Writing 10%


ii. 40% from Term-End Exams

The semester-end examinations on course work related subjects shall have a total weight of 40 percent. The semester-end examination shall be based on problem solving questions, analytical questions, and case studies or any other formats as demanded by a course. The duration of the examination shall be 3 to 4 hours as demanded by the course. The end-semester examination shall be conducted by The College under the moderation of University.