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Research And Placement Cell

Research and Placement Cell in the CGIM is a key department of the institute. As the job market of Nepal is getting more and more competitive, we at CGIM will fully support our valued students in establishing their career. Our research and Placement cell is performing the following activities

  • Arranging in plant training for students.
  • Inviting various organizations for campus recruitment.
  • Training to suit various needs of industry.
  • Research based industry visits


For placement, a large number of prospective employers are contacted during the year and efforts are made to invite those companies to visit our college and to conduct campus recruitment. The objective of the R&P Cell is to look for a 100% employment of all the students. The Cell is assisted by student placement and research coordinator who lead a team of placement representatives from various courses of study. The research & placement Cell ensures and takes care to provide the best arrangements and hospitality for the visiting companies’ officials.

The Research & Placement Cell plays a very important and key role in counseling and guiding the students of the University for their Successful Career Placement which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the suitable employment. This cell also coordinates various activities related to the career of the students along with the industrial training. The computerization of the entire activities of the placement cell is in progress and this facility will be available to the organizations soon for easy and faster communication. In addition to campus placements the R & P section organizes programs, research based teaching, journal publications, case studies based on research, etc.

At CGIM, we integrate our approach to research and learning, so not only are our students engaged with the research our academics are undertaking, but also with inquiry-based approaches to research. As a result, our students graduate with knowledge of cutting edge practice informed by the future needs of our industry and community partners. This ensures we are developing the next generation of professionals and researchers who can lead our global society.

  • Mandatory for students to go for internships/ on the job training to CG after formal learning hours at CGIM
  • CG will facilitate internships and placements for class toppers and those above provided that the student meet the interview standard at CG business unit.
  • CGIM will facilitate internships and placements at various business units of CG Corporate Conglomerate
  • All the Top ten students at MBA will get placements at Chaudhary Group and others are assured of 100 per cent placement assistance.