Businesses are evolving and becoming multi-functional. MBA from CGIM has enabled me to cope with the ever transitioning business environment and develop as a professional in the financial sector. The best part about CGIM MBA was that it provided a platform to explore beyond academic curriculum. My overall experience at CGIM was simply wonderful.

Dipesh Pote Shrestha

MBA, Batch of Fall 2017

I decided to join CG Institute of Management for my MBA primarily because of the promise offered by Brand CG, and, based on my experience so far, I have to confess that the institution has indeed lived up to my expectations. At CGIM, students are immensely benefitted by an international curriculum along with ample opportunities to gain exposure of the real business world. Courses have been designed professionally and are delivered very effectively by competent faculty members ensuring participation of each and every student belonging to diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

Sashish Udas

MBA, Batch of Spring 2020

When the thought of doing an MBA came to me, I felt the need to choose a college where I could manage my studies and businesses together, giving equal priority to both. Thanks to the convenient class schedules of CGIM MBA program that ideally address to the time management requirements of working professionals, I could learn and lead my business ventures at the same time. Enrollment into CGIM MBA enabled me attain education and experience simultaneously, which I undoubtedly feel is the success mantra in today’s times.

Roman Kattel

MBA, Batch of Spring 2015

After completion of Bachelor in Pharmacy, I wanted to pursue a degree that would not only provide exciting career opportunities, but also broaden my horizon and enrich my overall outlook. With such motivation, I enrolled into CGIM MBA program. And today, I can say with conviction that I couldn’t have chosen a better college than CGIM given its sound academic environment, adequate learning resources, excellent faculty members and highly cooperative management team. Thank you CGIM – I am deeply grateful for everything.

Ranjana Pandey

MBA, Batch of Fall 2018

An engineer by profession, I was in pursuit of some managerial knowledge and skills to excel in my career. I thus decided to do an MBA and opted for CG Institute of Management for the purpose. And, after having spent two years of my MBA in this institution, I feel I have been able to attain my objectives. Today, I am making good practical use of my managerial know-how in my job, and I am extremely grateful towards my faculty members and the management team at CGIM for their tireless efforts in making this possible.

Rabi Bhushan Jha

MBA, Batch of Spring 2017

My experience at CGIM was quite rewarding and fulfilling. It was mostly because of the highly qualified teachers who helped me grow academically and the learning environment that the college has. I cherish the moments spent organizing and participating in numerous value adding events and activities. My CGIM experience has surely helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Priyanka M.V.

MBA, Batch of Spring 2017